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How to Build Observable Systems - An Introduction to Observability

Recently I have been hearing about observability more and more. The promise that an observable system can help us to debug and identify performance and reliability issues in a microservice architecture sounded quite good to me. Hence I decided to read up and learn more on this topic. In this blog post I will try to summarise what I have learned about observability so far. What is Observability? Observability is a term or a concept that has its root in Physics, mainly in Control Theory. According to Wikipedia - Observability is a measure of how well internal states of a system can be inferred from knowledge of its external outputs. ... A system is said to be observable if, for any possible evolution of state and control vectors, the current state can be estimated using only the information from outputs (physically, this generally corresponds to information obtained by sensors). In other words, one can determine the behavior of the entire system from the system's outputs. On the oth