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A Beginner-friendly Introduction to Kubernetes for Developers: What is Kubernetes?

Just a few months ago, I had the chance to get my hands dirty with Kubernetes for the very first time. Up until that point, all I knew about it is that it is something that ensures containerized applications run smoothly in a cluster, nothing else. After finishing my "hello world" and trying out some examples, I have decided to write a series of blog posts in which I will try to summarize all my learning. A fair warning - I am still a beginner in Kubernetes, so advanced Kubernetes practitioners might find my posts to be too basic. This is also what motivated me to write these posts in the first place. I wanted to write a beginner-friendly series of posts on Kubernetes for developers which could be used as a good first starting point. I have also decided to break down my articles into small chunks of posts so that they are easily digestible by a beginner. What is Kubernetes? Containers have become the de-facto medium of packaging applications nowadays. More and more app