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Replacing exceptions with error notifications during input validation in Java

In my previous article I wrote about an input validation design which replaces hard-to-maintain-and-test if-else blocks. However, as some readers pointed out, it has a drawback - if the input data has more than one validation errors, then the user will have to submit the request multiple times to find all of them. From a usability perspective this is not a good design. An alternative to throwing exceptions when we find a validation error is to return a Notification object containing the error(s). This will enable us to run all the validation rules on the user input, and catch all violations at the same time. Martin Fowler wrote an article detailing the approach. I highly recommend you to go ahead and give it a read, if you haven't done so already. In this article I will refactor my previous implementation to use Error Notification object to validate user inputs. As a first step, I will create an ErrorNotification object which encapsulates my application errors - public